Pilates-based physical therapy is a refreshing new approach to rehabilitation that combines the more traditional methods of modalities and manual therapy with a functional and full body approach to strengthening, stabilization, stretching, proprioception, muscular endurance, and postural and movement reeducation. This versatile and adaptive approach is appropriate for patients regardless of age, ability, or fitness level. A pilates-based program has become a widely accepted approach to rehabilitation.


In this specialized program, the principles and exercises of Pilates are combined with traditional physical therapy methods to develop an individualized rehabilitative program for the patient.

Pilates-based therapeutic exercises are performed on a Pilates apparatus; the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Combo Chair, and other small apparatus. In the hands of a Pilates certified physical therapist, these exercises are appropriately adapted and modified for each individual patient and their specific needs, so that they can be used to effectively treat patients regardless of age, ability, or fitness level.

Pilates-based physical therapy is highly respected in the medical community for its full body treatment approach, development of core strength and joint stability, and correction of faulty movement patterns/habits. It has often been referred to as the “missing link” in physical therapy due to advanced results achieved with this treatment approach. As a result of this program, patients leave with improved body awareness and musculoskeletal control. They begin to understand how faulty body alignment and bad movement patterns can lay the foundation for injury to occur. Patients are given the skills to recognize and correct these contributing factors. As a result, pain is immediately reduced, while joints and muscles function in a healthy balance that not only leads to recovery but helps in the prevention of other potential problems in the future.

Pilates-based physical therapy is available at our Mt. Lebanon location.