Associative Awareness Technique™

How does AAT™ work?

Associative Awareness Technique™ is a treatment approach specifically designed around the neuroscience of trauma and resultant chronic conditions. AAT™ is a 6 Step Process (3 Levels: 2 steps each) that is designed to change your patient’s current conditioned negative associations by creating new positive sensory and cognitive awareness. This will restore homeostasis to the Central Nervous System, which will in turn reduce or eliminate many of the Autonomically driven physical conditions your patients are currently experiencing.

How can AAT™ successfully address a biomechanical problem?

Biomechanical dysfunctions that do not respond to conventional treatment methods more than likely have a central bias that will not have long lasting results with a peripheral approach. This is especially true in cases of multiple pain sites such as fibromyalgia, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), or any injury / experience with a traumatic basis. By treating the issues of chronicity from a central perspective, we utilize the plastic nature of the brain to create lasting changes.


Is there any current research that supports the efficacy of AAT™?

AAT™ is based on sound current scientific research in regards to neurophysiology and neuroplasticity. We are currently moving forward with evidence based research and data collection supporting AAT™. Associative Awareness Techniques™ are specifically designed to restore balance within all three levels of your brain so that you can finally find lasting relief in your body.

AAT™ is a 6 step process for restoring balance within your Central Nervous System and re-training your brain to stop sending false alarms throughout your body. Each step of AAT™ has a specific target within your brain with a common goal of restoring balance to your Central Nervous System.

Level 1: Steps 1 and 2 are specifically designed to create balance within your Autonomic Nervous System. (Your brain’s hard drive).

Level 2: Steps 3 and 4 are specifically designed to target the Limbic System (emotional brain) and break negative emotional associations that result in the activation of fight and flight protective patterns.

Level 3: Steps 5 and 6 are specifically designed to break experiential associations and anticipatory expectations within the Neo-Cortex (conscious brain) and fully break the habitual cycle chronic conditions within your lives.

STEP 1: ReflexerciseTM, a technique used to provide balance to the Autonomic Nervous System.

STEP 2: Reflax™ is the only step that is not completely self applied. This important step in the AAT™ process requires someone trusted to perform a hands-on technique upon your body. The sequencing of how we create lasting balance within the brain and reset the cycle of chronic conditions is very important.

First: we must start by shutting down the instinctive protection patterns within the body. This means we have to target the Brainstem, which houses the Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System. This is the specific goal of Level 1.

Second: we must break old, negative emotional associations housed within the Limbic System (emotional brain). Level 2 targets both the conscious and unconscious aspects of the Limbic system.

Third: we must change the way our conscious associations, memories and anticipatory expectations have become patterned to trigger that old fight and flight response within our bodies. Level 3 is specifically designed for this task.

This protocol has been developed over years of working with people just like you… people suffering from chronic conditions without any answers. Associative Awareness Techniques™ continue to shock healthcare practitioners with results they never thought were possible. You can achieve these same results by applying this technique, in sequence as recommended.

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