What is Sportmetrics?

Sportsmetrics is The Key to Prevention of Serious Knee Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes.

The sportsmetrics program is a scientifically proven training program that helps the female athlete make a positive step towards decreasing the risk for a knee injury. The athlete will improve their muscular power, increase vertical jump, and improve landing techniques while decreasing the harmful landing forces at the knee.

This program is six weeks long and is monitored by the physical therapy team. The athlete will receive a comprehensive home exercise program including: a dynamic warm-up, strength, flexibility, and jump/plyometrics.

The Problem:

Sportsmetrics PreIn the female athlete, approximately 70% of serious knee injuries occur during non- contact events such as landing from a jump, or from a twisting & turning movement when a sudden knee imbalance occurs. The athlete must react quickly with control, coordination, and normal muscle strength. If this doesn’t occur, a giving way at the knee will occur. Many of the non-contact injuries are preventable, while contact injuries with an opponent are less preventable.


Anterior cruciate ligament injuries occur 4-6 times more frequently in female athletes than in male athletes. One in every 10 college female athletes and one in every 100 high school athletes will sustain a serious knee injury every year.

The Cause:

Several theories have been discussed regarding the discrepancy between male and female knee injury rates. The theories are based on the differences between the anatomical structure between men and women including females having a wider pelvis and a narrower intercondylar notch at the knee to only name a couple.

The Sportsmetrics Solution:

After years of research, Cincinnati Sportsmedicine Research and Education have developed a program to specifically provide the training, coordination, balance, and strength to the lower extremities and knee joint.

At Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Associates, our therapists will design an exercise program to help prevent the female athlete from suffering this devastating knee injury.


To learn more about Sportsmetrics or to begin the program contact Mark Aaron, PT at the Mt. Lebanon office of OSPTA.

Sportsmetrics is offered by appointment only at the following location:

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